What I Believe

mikeBBecoming a better individual – an improved person – is something we can all achieve: through the simplest of actions, we can in turn change ourselves, outwardly and positively.

However, change for change’s sake is no way to begin, or we will fail to appreciate any change at the end.

I believe the improvement of the self is a complex package – so much more than just grinding out miles on a treadmill, or larger and heavier weights monotonously in a gymnasium.

I believe that only by thinking right, can we improve our bodies to their potential – a physical exercise program only exists for the 40 minutes or so that we are sweating and pushing ourselves, but for real success, our mindset must also be tweaked so that for the other 23 hours in the day we are helping, not hindering, progress.

I want to highlight great exercise examples from around the globe, and show the best of fitness ideas as well as deeds.

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– Homeopath Believer!

P.S.: Great Fitness!