Increasing breast size from A cup to B cup, or C cup, is not a decision one should make lightly. It involves serious surgery and is not without its repercussions. Implants differ in size, and studies reveal that many women return for a second surgery to enlarge the size of their breasts further. In other cases the implants are removed because the breasts look too unwieldy for their bodies. Some good plastic surgeons in Auckland will advise patients to keep breast augmentation to just one or two sizes larger.

Check the doctor’s credentials

Since the doctor is the person wielding the knife on your body during the surgery, choosing the right doctor becomes all important. First, you need to check the doctor’s credentials. He or she should be a plastic surgeon certified by a recognised medical board. The anaesthesiologist who assists the surgeon should also be accredited, along with the surgical centre.

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Get the right answers

What advice will the surgeon give you – to go in for larger implants? Does the surgeon dismiss chances of complications? If contracture occurs how will the surgeon deal with it? These are important issues and any good surgeon will take time and trouble to go into all the details with the patient. If you get the feeling that the surgeon is over-confident and keeps brushing your fears and queries aside, maybe it’s better to check out other capable doctors from the Auckland plastic surgery directory.

Experience Counts

Always look for a surgeon who has good experience. To trust your surgery to a surgeon performing implants once in a way would be a bit risky. You need to book a surgeon who does these surgeries at least once a week – he or she would be fully conversant with the procedure and any risk factors attached. Also there would be a lot of satisfied clients around to testify to this particular surgeon’s expertise in breast implants.

Don’t look for cheap alternatives

If you want to alter your body surgically, do not let the cost deter you. You should be willing to pay the average good cost for breast implants. Looking around for cheaper rates can be dangerous. Such cheaper rates may be possible because of a poorer setup and other medical factors – which can lead to risks and complications later on.

Once you feel you have enough money to go in for breast augmentation, make sure you have another similar amount saved – when you want the implants removed. Medical insurance does not cover such costs.

Be vigilant

In breast implant cases the doctor gives the patient a serial number, style number and lot number for each implant. When one particular patient had the implants removed later, she discovered through the lot number of the implants she received, that they were out of date. This was definitely the work of an unscrupulous doctor.

So if you decide to go in for breast augmentation your most important decision is to select the right surgeon with the right background, reputation and experience. It is better to pay a bit more for such services, than later suffer disfigurement and end up spending double the amount.

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