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When you have a leg cramp it is mighty difficult to even move leave aside doing exercises all by yourself. You will be hard pressed to find an adult person who has not experienced a leg cramp at some or the other point in his life. Dan Clay at Dangerously Fit group fitness Inner West say that sometimes participants suffer a cramp in the middle of their workouts and they are unable to continue. Here are some great ways you can fight off leg cramps and carry on your fitness regime.

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Top reasons for leg cramps

Leg cramps normally appear more in older adults who have blood circulation problems. The commonest reason is dehydration due to lack of consumption of fluids. Injury may also cause your leg to cramp. Muscle strain and too much of sitting down in the same place also causes the occurrence of leg cramps. Sometimes one of the nerves in your legs may get obstructed or pressed and this may cause a sharp painful cramp.

Pregnant women are more liable to suffer from leg cramps. Trainers in group fitness Inner West Sydney say that participants who have suffered from diabetes, neuromuscular disorders and potassium deficiency can suffer from cramps frequently.

How to condition the body for avoiding cramps?

To prevent leg cramps from cramping your style you can actually condition your body to prevent EAMC (Acute associated muscle cramping). Start off by easy to moderate exercises under the guidance of a trainer in Inner West group fitness. Once your body gets adjusted to the pace of exercises you can move on to more serious workouts. Low intensity short duration exercises should be the precursor to more serious intense workouts. Don’t make the mistake of jumping in to perform intense interval training especially if you have lived a sedate life till now.

Common ways to treat a cramp

If you can handle the leg cramp properly you may be able to continue with your workouts with personal trainer and fitness instructors. Start walking slowly with the cramps or massage it slowly to improve the blood circulation. Keep stretching your leg gently and pushing your foot forward towards your knees so that your calf muscles can feel the stretch. Applying a cold pack can relieve your pain and so can a good long soak in a bath.

Diet modifications to prevent cramps

Drink lots of fluids as the essential minerals in water will prevent cramps. Have fresh fruits and organic vegetables that are potassium rich. If you are taking medication for high blood pressure you may need potassium supplements to prevent cramps. Drink lots of milk or consume dairy produce that is rich in calcium. Make sure your magnesium levels are adequate by consuming nuts, pumpkin seeds, vanilla yoghurt, beans and spinach.

If you live in a hot humid climate and seat a lot then you need to drink fluids with essential salts before your bootcamp Sydney Park workout. Make sure that you consume enough carbohydrates as lack of glycogen can also cause your muscles to cramp.